Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chocolate Covered Croutons

I'm beginning to branch out. Beginning to? Yes, I've been quite tame in the past haven't I? No, I mean that no longer is it just the snack, freezer, or candy aisle that holds the key to chocolate-covered awesome. As long as it's edible, it's fair game. (Sorry kids, no chocolate-covered dishwasher detergent). So that brings me to croutons. And not just any old croutons: cheese and garlic croutons! I would buy these otherwise to top a salad, so why use original when I can add all this extra, awesome flavor?

Chocolate Covered Croutons

It's as easy as melt. Dip. Chill. Enjoy.

They were actually quite good. As always, sweet and salty is a winning combination. They were great to just snack on, AND they were a lovely addition to my salad the next day...

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