Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chocolate Covered Fruit by the Foot®

The Gushers turned out so well that I went back to the fruit snack section of the grocery store to see was else was just begging to be covered in chocolate. The Fruit by the Foot® basically jumped off of the shelf and into my basket.

Confession: I used to eat Fruit by the Foot with the paper still on it when I was but a young one. Weird? Definitely. Do I still do it? No. But I'm sure I do a number of other really bizarre things to make up for it.

I had grands plans to coat the Fruit by the Foot in long-ish strands, stand it on its side, and curl it up while it hardened. That did not happen. Did you know that they basically cut all Fruit by the Foot in half now? Sure that's all cute with the patterns and the peeling, but when you're trying to cover it in hot, melt-y chocolate, there are issues.

Chocolate Covered Fruit by the Foot

Choose your baking bark (I used both white and milk) and Fruit by the Foot flavor (variety pack, baby) and go for it!

Here are some tips: Unfurl the snacks and rip of chunks with the paper still intact. Keeping the paper on lessens the probability that the fruit strip with stretch instead of tear. Also, try to use only pieces that are not already falling apart. The heat of the chocolate will melt the Fruit by the Foot, and the places where it is scored in the middle will start to separate.

I managed to get the hang of it quickly, so there were relatively few fallen soldiers. Oh my golly Pete, these were great! Both of the chocolates paired well with the all of the flavors in the variety pack.They were crispy, chewy, chocolate-y and fruity all at the same time. 

Despite the difficulties that I encountered, chocolate-covered Fruit by the Foot was definitely worth the effort.

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