Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pancakes for Dinner

I love breakfast, but often it's difficult to find the time to make a full breakfast when you have a busy day ahead of you. That is why I'm a strong supporter of breakfast, more specifically pancakes, for dinner.

Now you know I can't just have regular old pancakes. Sure I use a mix, but that's just a conduit, if you will, for the good stuff. We've tried a number of different combos of cereal, chocolate chips, candy, etc. over the years, but tonight I knew exactly what I wanted.

There's no real recipe for Becky's Crazy Pancakes. You just whip up your favorite mix (mine is Aunt Jemima's Complete Mix; just add water), pour a portion on the griddle and then throw in whatever your heart desires. I just wanted to share some pictures I took of tonight's dinner because these panny-can-akes were aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesoooooooooooooome.

Becky's Cray-zah Pancakes

Look at that mess of fabulousness! Let's break them down...

Pancake 1: Oreos and Candy Corn

 Pancake 2: Fritos and Reese's PB Cups

 Pancake 3: Fruity Pebbles and White Chocolate Chips

The first two are newer for me. This is the second time, I believe, that I've tried both, but it won't be the last. 

The Oreos and candy corn pancake was inspired by the Halloween Bark that I made back in October. I dipped it in syrup (I eat pancakes with my hands), and tried some whip cream on it, too. YUM!

The Fritos and Reese's PB Cups pancake was inspired by the Frito Candy that I made recently. The mix of the salty and sweet, especially PB, works every time. This was great dipped in syrup AND it was awesome with strawberry jelly (like a PB&J).

The third pancake is the one I run back to time and time again. I love me some Fruity Pebbles and white chocolate is my favorite type of chocolate. So why not throw them both together? And, if I'm lucky enough to have some Sour Skittles around, I'll add those to the mix, too. THAT is a triple-threat. Unfortunately, no Sour Skittles for me tonight. This particular pancake is great topped with strawberry jam and whipped cream. 

All of these pancakes are just fan-slap your grandma in the face-tastic. They work great for a crowd. You just get everyone to line up little cups of what they want and throw them in the pancakes on the griddle. 

Kyle wasn't here to dine with me tonight, but some of his favorites are Cinnamon Toast Crunch/marshmallows/chocolate chips and bacon/cheddar/green chilies. 

The possible combos of awesomeness are unending.  


  1. Yummy! That makes me want to go whip up some fun-filled pancakes right now!

  2. that looks gross becKAY. You should have a stand at the state fair.