Monday, August 30, 2010

BACON Cookie Dough Truffles

Previously, I posted Paula Deen's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles recipe. Wait, is it bad form to link to another post on your own site? Meh, whatever.

As I mentioned in that post, it's one of my man's favorite desserts that I make. Regardless of how good he already considers these truffles, we all know everything is better with bacon!

So Bacon Cookie Dough Truffles were born!

There wasn't a particular ratio of bacon to dough that I followed. I already had a batch of truffle dough in the fridge, so I just cooked up about 4 pieces of bacon until crisp, crumbled the pieces up and set them aside.

To form the truffles, I took a T of the dough and smashed some bacon into it (maybe an 1/8t?) until it was distributed evenly throughout and then rolled it in a ball. I did that until I ran out of bacon. I think I made around 12 to 14 truffles. Then, I melted some baking bark while the balls chilled in the fridge and then coated the truffles and let them chill some more.

They definitely went over well. It was funny: without telling people what the extra bits in the truffles were, they couldn't figure it out. But as soon as I said "BACON!" it was like a light bulb went on and it became obvious.

If you are already making the truffles, why not throw a few of these in the mix to try? It's an easy add-in. You could even cook up more bacon and mix it in to the entire batch when you add the chocolate chips.

Speaking of ridiculously decadent and bizarre food... the NC state fair is a month and a half away!! I am super pumped to find out what deep-fried fare they will have this year! I'm contemplating entering a bake-off or two as well. Excitement!

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